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Note on the legal form of cooperation

The cooperation of the partners within the research project has no independent legal personality. Only a scientific exchange is conducted between organizations and university students listed as cooperation partners. A society or company-like relationship, association or similar legal subject is not engendered by the cooperation. No co-operation partner is entitled to represent any other cooperation partner or all cooperation partners towards third parties.

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Asking for a permission to use if the copyrights are vested in

If you would like to ask for an individual permission (license) to use a copyrighted content contained in this public Internet presence and if is indicated as the respective copyright holder, please contact:

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Rights of use for copyrighted content if is not the copyright holder

Certain photographs, videos, images or texts on the Internet presence stem from other sources than Please contact the indicated copyright holders for information on their terms of use and for obtaining a license for use of their copyrighted content.

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As the case may be: Creative Commons license (CC license)

Where expressly stated (in the ‘information’ section of the respective work, for example), DLR images and videos are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 2.5 Malaysia (CC BY-NC 2.5 MY) licence. This licence grants permission to reproduce or distribute the work and to make the work and/or its contents publicly available, provided that you explicitly mention DLR as its source in a clearly legible format. Examples: ‘Photo:, CC BY-NC 2.5 MY’, ‘Images:, CC BY-NC 2.5 MY’, ‘Video:, CC BY-NC 2.5 MY’. However, you may not alter or edit the work and/or its contents or make commercial use of the work.

Use of content by the press, radio and television stations

Contents published in the Internet presence for which no application of certain terms of use is prescribed, – i.e. in cases in which no terms of use are indicated to be applicable at all or in cases in which DLR is indicated as the copyright holder without any reference to specifically applicable terms of use (examples: “Image:”, “Video:”) – may be used by the press, radio stations and television stations, also in their internet presences if is indicated as the copyright holder. This permission does not include usage of personal data such as photos or videos in which people can be identified or other personal information such as names, e-mail addresses, etc.

Photographs, videos, images and texts that contain no reference to a CC license and for which only the respective copyright holders are indicated as the source (e.g: “Source: DLR”) are not licensed under a CC license.

No restriction of the rights of others

These terms of use have no influence whatsoever on the following rights:

  • The rights that everyone has due to the limitations of copyright law (such as the right to quote) or legal permits (established in some countries as the doctrine of fair use)
  • The originator’s moral rights
  • Rights of other people, either to the licensed object itself or with regard to its use, for example, the personal rights of persons depicted, trademark rights to protected trademarks, etc.

No usage rights for certain content

Any license to use copyrighted material, including the Creative Commons license, extends only to the use of copyrighted material and does not include the permission to use protected trademarks – such as – the logo and its components as well as other elements of the adsvise identity such as the “@ symbol eye”. The logo and its components may not be used by persons who are not associates or who have not obtained permission from to use it beforehand. If you are interested in using a trademark you have to ask the owner of the trademark rights separately for permission of use.