Guest Posting on Adsvise’s Blog

How to get your content published

Make sure your post meets our guidelines

The only way we are going to publish your guest post is that it meets all of the following requirements.

  • High-quality content only.
  • 100% original content only, never published anywhere.
  • Claims need to be backed up with a link to a research or case study confirming it.
  • Include at least one (legal) photo to be used with the post, preferably 2-3.
  • Break up your copy into readable/scannable chunks. Use subheadlines, bullet points, and numbers lists when possible, and break up paragraphs that are longer than 5-6 lines on a Google Doc.
  • Published under your real name, no pen names.
  • Include your bio and a picture of yourself.
  • No basic grammar errors allowed.

Submit your idea

Send an email with your idea to – feel free to provide one or multiple topics for your guest post.

You may send a full article too but we’ll publish it only in case it meets our guidelines.

When sending an email, please use the title “Adsvise guest post”.

After receiving your post or topic proposal, we’ll evaluate it and get back to you in 72 hours (usually faster).

If your post needs improvements, we’ll let you know.

Good to know

When thinking about guest writing for Reflective Data, here’s what you should keep in mind (besides the guidelines).

  • Do your research and don’t forget to cite your sources.
  • Don’t forget the “why” – don’t just claim something, always provide a good explanation.
  • Provide a conclusion – take it all together in a few sentences.
  • Only the staff that really matters – don’t try to make your posts artificially longer than they need to be.

PS! We are really happy to work with people who know their stuff and are willing to put some effort into sharing their knowledge. Looking forward to all of your guest post ideas!